Protecting and Repairing Your Online Reputation – Reputation Management

There are basically two aspects of online reputation management; protection and repair. Ask anybody that has been in repair mode and they’ll tell you they should have invested way more in the protection aspect than they did. Monitoring is the first step toward protecting your online reputation but there is always more that can be done.

Protection measures:

  • Beyond listening to what is being said, assess what you have put out on the web yourself. People hurt their own reputations all the time with what seems like innocent pictures, stories, comments, etc. Just remember that in the eyes of a stranger you are who Google says you are. Whether that stranger is a potential investor, business partner, etc., starting off in hole because of something you posted can and should be avoided if at all possible.
  • Publish content on your area of expertise. It’s easy and will likely rank on the search engines when people search for your name. A blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and a LinkedIn profile is a good start.
  • Keep your personal information to a minimum. You’re not going to gain much by going full disclosure but the information can come back at you so don’t volunteer more than is necessary.


Repair measures:

  • The same type content you would publish in protection mode can work to push the rankings negative content back off of the front pages. Publish regularly and keep your content meaningful and positive.
  • If you screwed up and yelled at a customer or something like that, just say you’re sorry. Don’t try to push your side of the story, it will just extend the battle. An apology is one of the fastest ways to end problem situation.
  • If there is negative content that people are going to see, be upfront about it. This gives you a degree of control by getting your account out first while being honest about the issue.

Keep in mind that attacks on people’s reputations were going on long before Google came on the scene. The same things that worked then, like honesty, humility, self-respect and common sense work online as well. For more information on managing your reputation, visit: or call (866) 530 7703.

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