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Googles Book About You

As the saying goes, “You can’t read a book by its cover”. Maybe there should be a new asterisk added that states, “Unless Google writes the book”. That is increasingly the case as people go to Google to check out the past of people they may have a personal interest in, they’re contemplating to hire, or thinking of doing business with.

You can see for yourself by entering your name as search term in Google. This is actually a good thing to do anyway, just so you can get out ahead of anything that may be less than flattering. The results will depend on how common your name is. If it’s an uncommon name you’ll probably see your related results. If you name is relatively common, refine the search by adding terms like your hometown, school, employer, etc. Either way, you’ll probably find links ranging somewhere in between the good and the ugly.

While most of the links may be innocuous like social media profiles, you may have something in there that’s going to cost you in one way or another. While you may have forgotten about certain things in your life, the internet never does. If you feel that what you’re seeing is going to work against you, it may be time to consider some reputation management to rewrite the book that Google is showing to the world. The purpose of this re-write will be to push the negative content off of page one with an ultimate goal of pushing it lower than page three.

Depending on where the negative content originated, the process of re-writing your Google book could be relatively simple or could take some professional management. Either way, the primary focus of your reputation management campaign will most likely focus on the creation of online content which is linked to your name.

There are many ways to go about this including participating in social media sites, creating a personal blog, and/or submitting articles to directories like EzineArticles and HubPages. The key in creating a blog and/or articles is to remember that this new content is what is going to be seen when new searches for your name are done.

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