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A Reputation Management Checklist

Reputation Management is essentially SEO done on a massive scale. The difference between the two is that the objective of an SEO campaign is to push links up in the search rankings toward page one while the goal for reputation management is to push targeted links down past page three. Unlike the laws of gravity, in the case of reputation management it’s much more difficult to push things down rather than up.

What follows is a checklist of reputation management activities designed to push damaging content away from where searchers’ eyes can see it.

  1. Evaluate keywords that will return the negative content when used for search. These are the terms that will be optimized so that negative content will be pushed down in the rankings.
  2. Create quality onsite content. If you don’t have the time or skill to write quality copy that is search engine optimized, outsource the work to your reputation management firm, if you’ve hired one.
  3. Create a series of press releases covering positive events in your business or industry. Be sure these are search engine optimized with targeted search terms as well.
  4. Start a blog. Publish informational posts that target the keywords you need to rank for. This should be very professional in quality and presentation so don’t hesitate to outsource the work if need be.
  5. Get social. Social media profiles tend to rank well and quickly. Incorporate your keywords for SEO purposes.
  6. Start building pages at Squidoo, HubSpot, and other directories. A little article marketing can build inbound links to your site and blog and even get ranked themselves.
  7. Build links between the properties you’ve set up.
  8. Expand your media options. Creating a podcast or video interview and posting it your website, YouTube and other sites can get shared, build some buzz, drive traffic back to your site.

There are many other strategies to employ in a reputation management campaign but these will provide a solid foundation to build from and get results. Depending on the nature of the negative content, it could make sense to bring in professional assistance to get things in order. For more information, visit: http://www.reputationmanagementllc.com/ or call (866) 530 7703.