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Establishing Credibility With Media

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When it comes to media relations or public relations, most business executives want to be on the cover of the New York Times.  However, as many politicians and CEOs will attest to, being on the cover of a newspaper or magazine may be as negative as it can be positive.  Building a relationship with the media is important, both for the major stories that can possibly happen and the minor everyday stories that happen on a regular basis. While the media can be tricky, and even on attack mode lately, like all industries they operate on trust and relationships and establishing credibility with them is an important task.  Establishing credibility can have a profound impact upon the success of any political campaign, press initiative or marketing campaign.

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Reputation Management and Defining the Haters

While organized efforts along the lines of corporate espionage to damage a competitor’s reputation do occur, the vast majority of reputation management headaches are simply the result of the honest complaints from unsatisfied consumers.

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