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Once you’re in an accident, it’s too late to change your policy from liability only to comprehensive. Everything is going to get fixed, but it will cost more money than it would have if you were properly prepared for it. It’s the same way with your company’s existence on the internet but instead of a dented bumper, what‘s at stake is the reputation of your business, your products, and your services.

According to internet statistics, four out of five consumers will use one of the major search engines to get information, pricing, and/or reviews on products and services before making a purchase. Your company may be getting these visitors now; people that found your website on Google, liked what they saw, and made a purchase. It is also at the search engine level that your competitors may attempt to steal those visitors by putting out negative information to damage your company’s reputation, put doubt in the mind of your visitors, and trash your company’s products and services.

An attack like this on an unprotected company can be devastating and costly but it doesn’t have to be. With Net Shield by Reputation Management, your company can be guarded against damaging attacks before they get out of control. Net Shield, using the most advanced search engine optimization and marketing techniques available, gets your company’s positive content on to the top rankings of the search engines, occupying the “real estate” on those pages and making it much more difficult for the content used in an attack to be seen by visitors. In short, Net Shield protects your company by:

Reputation Management Program* Occupying  the top pages of the search engines prior to attack
* Putting positive content on the prime real estate areas of those pages
* Driving supportive conversation on the social media sites, blogs and forums
* Using state of the art search engine optimization and marketing to position positive content, build brand, and drive traffic to your site

Net Shield, with the proprietary technology used in the Net Guard program, also monitors social media, blogs, forums, and other venues to view what is being said about your company. Immediate positive responses to negative postings placed commentary sections can diffuse attacks before they can gain traction. According to David Scott, author of the best-selling “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” monitoring what is being said about your company and participating in the conversation is of utmost importance. He says, “Quite literally, you ARE what you publish. What I mean by that is whatever your company publishes online (and what others publish about you) IS your reputation. So if you are not in the social media sites, you don't exist. But others are talking about you."
Proactive Reputation ManagementNet Guard/Net Shield can put you in these conversations in real time, enabling reputation protection, increasing traffic to your website, and supporting your branding efforts simultaneously. With top tier rankings on the search engines for the pages of your website and other positive content posted on various sites combined with supporting content on blogs, forums, and social media your company will be able to turn back negative attacks with minimal damage.

Reputation Management LLC has years of experience in guarding against negative content campaigns, countering them when they occur, and establishing and growing brands in the process. Proactive defense of your company’s reputation with their Net Guard/Net Shield technology not only protects your company from attack, it can increase your traffic and revenues at the same time. 

Call Reputation Management today at (800)-378-5532 to protect your company’s most valuable asset, its reputation.