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Net Strike Reputation Management Program

Your business is on the web, whether you planned it that way, or not. In fact, it could be all over the web, mentioned on blogs, forums, or social media sites. If the conversation taking place is positive, it’s all good and people are probably flocking to your website. The problem is that not all content about your company is going to be friendly. In fact, in could be downright nasty and specifically designed to harm your company’s reputation, its products, and its services.

The anonymous nature of the internet has provided a venue for corporations and individuals alike to devise negative content campaigns against other companies for the purpose of leveling the playing field against a superior competitor, revenge, or personal matters. The most formidable of these campaigns are usually run by competing corporations and are designed to wreak havoc on the targeted company and ultimately steer consumers back to the sponsor of the attack.

Net Strike from Reputation Management LLC provides an immediate and long lasting counter to these types of attacks, working first to contain the attack and then defeat it decisively. Once a negative content campaign is discovered the key is to respond as soon as possible. Net Strike’s methodology determines where the attack is originating, the likely sponsors, and where continuing negative content is most likely to be posted. Strategy in place, Net Strike’s tactical counter will include responding to negative content directly via commentary and blogs to contain to the initial thrust of the attack.
Net Strike Reputation Management Program
To defeat the attack Net Strike develops customized search engine optimized positive content and develops links to existing positive content on the internet. All positive content is search engine marketed to rank at the top pages of the search engines, making it difficult for negative content to be seen by searchers using keywords associated with your company. Statistics show a ninety percent drop off in searchers going from page one to page two on any of the search engines. Of the remaining ten percent that do go on to page two, only a relative handful goes to page three. Net Strike, by driving down negative content beyond these normal search patterns, effectively kills new negative content before it sees the light of day. After the defeat of the attack, Net Strike’s proprietary technology tracks blogs, forums, and social media in real time to turn back any subsequent attacks before they gain traction.

Reputation Management LLC has been defending against negative content campaigns, countering them when they occur, and establishing and growing brands in the process since 2002. Defend your company’s reputation, its products, and services with Net Strike from Reputation Management LLC. Call us today at (800)-378-5532.