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Reputation Management Case Studies

1) Countering a negative content attack – This company had been targeted by a client who did not get approved for a loan for which he felt he was qualified. The non-approval was based on a combination of the financial situation of the client and tightened lending requirements at the lender.  The targeted company acted diligently

in their processing of the application and made no promises of approval. Reputation Management Case StudiesDespite this, the client initiated a campaign of negative postings on a variety of websites, including Rip off Report and The Complaints Board. Due to the heavy traffic on these boards the negative content, which was baseless, began to show up on the front pages of the search engines when the company name was used as the search term. Feeling the impact of the negative content as traffic to their site decreased, the company engaged Reputation Management LLC to counter the attack. The plan put into action was divided into two components; one component being the deletion of as much of the untrue negative content as possible from websites. The second component was to create and market new content to move the negative postings which would not be deleted off of the front pages of the search engines. Reputation Management LLC, which has a working relationship with The Complaints Board, was able to get negative content removed from the site while the Ripoff Report, which has a standing policy of never removing posts regardless of their inaccuracy, left the posts in place. Reputation Management LLC, using their proven techniques, was able to displace the negative content from the front pages of the search engines within three months, making for a very satisfied customer. Reputation Management was retained by the company to monitor for new negative content, which it does to this day.

Resolved Reputation Complaints2) Engaging a valid complaint – The company in this case study had received a handful of complaints on Facebook regarding a missing cable for devices they had sent out immediately after making a new product announcement. Because the company had enlisted Reputation ManagementLLC to monitor the social media sites for chatter involving their name, the complaints were picked up early. Reputation Management LLC counseled that, due to the validity of the complaints, engagement would be the best solution. The company communicated directly with each person who had posted a complaint, apologized for the inconvenience, and delivered the missing cables within a couple of days. In addition to the cables the company sent a gift certificate for a future purchase with them. The response was company’s response was received positively and what could have turned out to be a public relations nightmare was solved and put away quickly. Additionally, by catching the complaints early the company was able to add the missing cables to boxes about to be shipped, avoiding more problems.

Online Media and Reputation Management3) A damaging news story – In this study an individual was listed as a person of interest for a crime committed in a large city in the Southeastern U.S. The story made the local news and was also listed on its website. Another suspect was ultimately arrested for the crime but whenever the client’s name was searched, the “person of interest story” would come up as the top ranking. Unfortunately for the client, the closing of the case never mentioned him by name so there was no story to be found which exonerated him. The person of interest story remained in the top spot and ultimately became a topic of conversation when potential clients would search for information on him. Realizing that the story would follow him around indefinitely unless he took action, the client retained Reputation Management LLC to push the story off of the first pages of the search engines. Reputation Management LLC’s strategy, considering that the damaging story was on a highly trafficked news site, centered on an intensive campaign of creating articles, press releases, and white papers to both displace the news  piece and to raise the profile of the client’s business. The strategy began paying dividends shortly after its initiation due to the search engine optimization techniques employed by Reputation Management LLC. As the new content began making its way up the search engine results pages the client’s website, which had not been optimized previously, began to get increased visits and he began to get calls for his views and opinions on topics which he had covered in his white papers and articles. The news story was moved off of the front pages of the search engines within a few months.Reputation Management LLC continues to provide monitoring and SEO services for the client.

Online Brand Management4) This case involves a publicly traded company based in the U.S. Within a few weeks of opening for trading, a Yahoo message board directed toward people interested in the company began getting posts which were both untrue and extremely negative on the prospects for the company. Additionally, the posts appeared to be professionally written under four separate “handles” and seemed credible to new visitors on the board as well as owners of shares who weren’t familiar with the everyday workings of the company. The company began to feel that, due to the relatively low trading volume of shares, the negative messages being posted by “bashers” were having an effect on trading by either convincing people not to buy or creating enough doubt in shareholders’ minds that they should sell.
The company called Reputation Management LLC to see what could be done about countering the negative content on the message board by giving a true picture of the company and its products. Reputation Management LLC’s solution was to monitor the board and respond directly and immediately to the bashers’ negative posts with replies that both called out their inaccuracies and followed up with actual product reviews and other positive stories about the company which were already in existence. Each negative post was followed by at least five positive messages about the company on the board until the bashers started losing interest and ultimately stopped posting messages on the board. While it’s impossible to quantify the effect of the reputation management campaign, the company was hailed by its early shareholders for standing up to the negative content campaign. Many did note that they had added to their share holdings after gaining a better understanding of the company and its products by reading the content posted by Reputation ManagementLLC.

Online Reputation Legal Actions5) This case study involves a smear campaign directed at a medical clinic. The owner of the clinic is a doctor who owned a rental property from which he had recently evicted a tenant for non-payment. Following through on a threat made if he was to be evicted, the tenant began posting false and inflammatory commentary on review sections in local search directories. While some of negative content was generic in nature, there were several very specific comments which were both damaging and patently false. Reputation Management LLC, after being called in to manage the situation, determined that the defamatory content could and should be removed through legal means. Reputation Management LLC, using their extensive legal network, had the poster contacted for the purpose of convincing him to pull the defamatory reviews off of the sites or face legal action. The poster agreed and removed all of defamatory reviews within one week. Other negative content was pushed off of the front pages of the search engines using a combination of press releases, new content, and informational articles generated under the banner of the medical clinic.

No matter the circumstances, Reputation Management LLC has the experience to counter any kind of attack on your reputation in the most cost-effective manner possible. Call Reputation Management LLC today at (800)-378-5532.