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 Brand Protection Services

Online Brand Protection The advent of numerous sales and auction portals across the internet has made the control of any company’s brand a major challenge. The “gray market” is where unauthorized and illegal sales occur, typically through legitimate channels like EBay. An example of a gray market sale could be the unauthorized sale of “dumped” branded products either through auctions or a storefront on the EBay site. These types of sales can present many problems in terms of preserving and protecting your brand. At this point you are no longer controlling how your brand is communicated to the buying public...

 Brand Management Services

Online Brand ManagementBuilding a brand is part art and part science. The opportunity that the internet provides to build your brand is massive as long as it’s done right. Reputation Management LLC provides customized solutions to get your brand focused and promoted with online and offline campaigns that are both synchronized and mutually reinforcing. Marketing efforts will communicate your brand’s value proposition, credibility, emotional connection, and position as a solution for your buyers’ needs.

Your online presence starts with a website that clearly communicates your message quickly while capturing visitors’ attention and information. By making your site ”sticky” with features, free reports, easy navigation, and a dynamic design we’ll keep visitors at the site so that you can generate leads and revenues 24/7.

 Reputation Management Program

Online Reputation ManagementA negative attack on you or your company’s reputation can occur at any from many directions. Posters on blogs, forums, and websites can hit and run with impunity on one site and come back to do the same thing on another one. Even with no validity, a negative posting campaign can taint a reputation within hours of its initiation, sewing doubt and uncertainty about you or your company’s integrity, products, or services.

 Net Shield

Net Shield Reputation Management ProgramOnce you’re in an accident, it’s too late to change your policy from liability only to comprehensive. Everything is going to get fixed, but it will cost more money than it would have if you were properly prepared for it. It’s the same way with your company’s existence on the internet but instead of a dented bumper, what‘s at stake is the reputation of your business, your products, and your services....

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 Net Strike

Net Strike Reputation Management ProgramYour business is on the web, whether you planned it that way, or not. In fact, it could be all over the web, mentioned on blogs, forums, or social media sites. If the conversation taking place is positive, it’s all good and people are probably flocking to your website. The problem is that not all content about your company is going to be friendly. In fact, in could be downright nasty and specifically designed to harm your company’s reputation, its products, and its services.

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Once the attacks are quelled we remain vigilant, monitoring the web for any signs that posts may re-appear. We’ve got your back, and we make sure that your reputation stays above reproach.