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Brand Protection ServicesThe advent of numerous sales and auction portals across the internet has made the control of any company’s brand a major challenge. The “gray market” is where unauthorized and illegal sales occur, typically through legitimate channels like EBay. An example of a gray market sale could be the unauthorized sale of “dumped” branded products either through auctions or a storefront on the EBay site. These types of sales can present many problems in terms of preserving and protecting your brand. At this point you are no longer controlling how your brand is communicated to the buying public. Messaging, positioning, and client experience are now in the hands of others who are also setting price points, probably at levels that hurt your brand’s reputation and your bottom line.

After measuring the extent of the violation, Reputation Management LLC will conduct a complete analysis to determine what sales, auction, and e-commerce sites are being utilized to sell your products. We will also track domain name violations and illegal sites to document any infringement issues. We will also document copyright, trademark, and cyber-squatting violations.

We will then identify owners, managers, and operators of the sites conducting unauthorized sales of your products. After identification, cease and desist orders are sent and then monitored for results. If results are not achieved immediately a second round of cease and desist letters are sent out. Brand Protection - Reputation Management ServicesSites are monitored until the desired results are achieved. Where legal action is required, we will utilize our attorney network to finalize cessation of illegal practices.

We then continue to monitor the sites and portals to prevent authorized merchants from circling back in another attempt to illegally sell your branded goods. Our first priority is to return the control of your brand back to you. Our next priority is to keep it there.