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Reputation Management ProgramA negative attack on you or your company’s reputation can occur at any time from many directions. Posters on blogs, forums, and websites can hit and run with impunity on one site and come back to do the same thing on another one. Even with no validity, a negative posting campaign can taint a reputation within hours of its initiation, sewing doubt and uncertainty about you or your company’s integrity, products, or services.

Containing and countering campaigns like this takes experience, skill, and the ability to act quickly and with precision. 


Reputation Management Process and Strategies

Reputation Management LLC develops and implements proven strategies using a three step process.


1Analysis – We act quickly to determine the where, when, and how of the attack. Analyzing where the posts are being seen, when they hit, and how they’re being disseminated sets our course of action. Who owns or has access to the sites, blogs, and forums will usually give indications on the nature of the attack whether it’s coming from a competitor, disgruntled ex-employees, or any other source. At this point, we’re going after the names responsible for the campaign.  We’ll next assess the extent of the damage to determine the size and force of the counter attack. Keywords are analyzed to see which ones are being used and whether those in use are high traffic words or more transitional in nature. We’ll then set our counter measures including legal action and online tactics.


2Strategic Planning – We then assemble a team to execute the plan based on the skill sets required to achieve optimal results. Each team member is tasked with specific actions and expected outcomes. We keep you in the loop at all times so once set, we’ll meet with you to discuss our plan of action and get a sign-off.  It is at that time that we initiate our multi-faceted counter attack.

Reputation Management Program

3Taking Action – Employing our network of legal specialists, we start removing negative content from the internet if there are violations on copywriting, trademarks, and/or business names. Cease and desist orders and other actions are filed by qualified law firms where ever warranted. At the same time, Reputation Management LLC begins posting positive commentary both on sites where the attacks have occurred and other sites which we may build ourselves. These new posts, along with existing positive commentary are search engine optimized to start showing up on the front pages of the major search engines. Domain names and keywords may be purchased to facilitate the process as well.

Once the attacks are quelled we remain vigilant, monitoring the web for any signs that posts may re-appear. We’ve got your back, and we make sure that your reputation stays above reproach.



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